EnfiniCustomWorks Original R-Zero Series
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I wanted the equipment
that can reproduce the sound character of the individual acoustic guitar.
So I started to develop and I made

The first pre-amplifier of EnfiniCustomWorks,
It will be able to be a reference for the acoustic guitar,
I named it that means Reference-Zero
as product starting from the 0th.

Even though the performance of pickup is very well,
the sound charactor is changed
against my will by equipments to be connected,
it was my worries.

I wanted to cherish
the sound of acoustic guitars that I love,
and also the sound of each guitars
that were made by many luthiers with their great thoughts.

And more than anything,
I wanted to provide the equipment
that players can express freely on the sound the way you want
like thoughts and expression that want to convey to listeners.

It is based on my accumulated experience and technology
in professional audio industry for many years,
select the high durability and reliability parts carefully,
set suitable parts in the right place,
lay out necessary functions in the right place for easy to use,
put into an essential element as professional microphone pre-amplifier ;
the frequency and crosstalk characteristic, distortion etc.,
exactly the preamplifier of studio grade.

Since this R-Zero release,
it have very favorable reception
about the sound quality and operability.
On the other hand,
I had been requested about size from tour artists
"more small one for easy to carry".

As next step I made equipment

in order to convert the signal emitted from instruments
to the proper signal format that can be handled by the mixing console
without changing the original gain, also without distorting


The stand-alone compact unit
that extracted the high-quality head amplifier built in the R-Zero
can operate best sound wirelessly
on an acoustic guitar equipped with a passive pickup

And December 2017,
The third series of R-Zero Concept Traveler
Come up on stage!
The compact R-Zero of the stomp box type case
It can withstand the vibration by the harsh journey and movement
For tour artists who keep pursuing own original sound


Both of them are achieved compact and lightweight
with minimum necessary functions
based on R-ZeroConcept
that faithfully reproduce the original sound
keeping the R-Zero quality intact.

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